Hello Everyone!

We worked tirelessly this week to integrate the new site into our platform. This is not a simple swap in that our platform also houses a wallet, so there were many things to consider with this swap. 

All in all it has gone very well, just taken a little longer than we originally quoted, however, the good news is we were only off by a little a bit. 

We have been told that the new site will be up and running tomorrow for a pre-release and we would love for our community to check it out and comment on here with any tips or suggestion. Our overall approach to this was to simplify the site and make finding resources easier and on the first page, this is also better for SEO, advertising, and marketing. 

We can't wait to finish this because next item on list will be the long await exchange drop, something we are most excited for ourselves!


Thank you,

The Soferox Team