What to do if you have no key(s) from SCRYPT and GRS

  • Last Post 28 January 2019
Dynacaf posted this 22 January 2019

I discovered some solution for those who do not have their keys from scrypt and/or Groestl and only have their backup of the wallet.dat file.

----PLEASE BACKUP EVERYTHING BEFORE MAKING ANY MODIFICATIONS TO YOUR CURRENT WALLET----- i am not responsible for you following this guide and loosing your valuable sfx because you did not backup your wallet .dat file and key(s)

For example if you don't have the keys from GRS wallet GRS = v2.16.0 you need to do a clean install, it's better to do this on another pc system to prevent you fck up your current newest wallet v.3.0.0  

  • To dump your keys from that wallet.dat backup you have to install the correct version wallet accordingly to the right algo:

SCRYPT= very first wallet (srry don't know the version of that anymore) V.1.0.0? maybe

GRS old wallet = V2.16.0

newest wallet GRS = V.3.0.0  


After you do the new install on another system locate your soferox folder and see where your wallet.dat is located, maybe you have to run the wallet once in order to have your system create wallet.dat first should be 0 sfx balance and no adressed/ transactions because of fresh install.


  After that shut down your wallet 2.16.0


Now replace that wallet.dat file in soferox folder with your own wallet.dat file (exactly that name) and then start up your wallet 2.16.0 again, even it will not sync with sfx network anymore you should see your old transactions, balance and wallet adress(es)


note. every address in your wallet has his own key  

Finally you can dump your key(s)


Go to debug in soferox wallet, type: dumpprivkey (your wallet address which you want to extract the key from) and confirm, now you should see 1 line beneath it with your key.


Use this to fill in the coin swap form here on the forum.

Good Luck!

cwick posted this 28 January 2019

my coins are still on the website and the mac wallet still doesnt work....